Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Morning Alarm Setlist

I got up this morning to be told by FB how I had shared the following status 2 years ago on this very day...

My mornings have been cruel (and very early) ever since M was born. In the initial months she'd wake us with a cry, later with a shout, then with a kick. Once she started talking a little, it was "aap" (up)...For the last few weeks she had been saying, "git aaahp" (get up). But today was really the heights. Her highness gets up, sits on my tummy and says, loud and clear, "Wake up, Lazy!!!"

Well, I had to update with our current status...
...I had to share this - she is still my morning alarm and while I don't get the wake up lazy too often, I do get a full blown sermon that usually goes like this, 
"mommy wake up wake up - can't you see it is morning - there is light now- we need to get up- everybody wakes up early. I need to pee, I need to drink milk - I am so hungry. I need to go to the park - can I also watch Octonauts today? Will we go to the beach today or the zoo? I really need a dog pet. I want to learn to fly. Did you know sharks can also be friends? Can I have a tiger or cheetah pet? Mommy if you don't get up I think I will pee in the bed!!"
All this and more in the first 2 mins of my day. 😳

Monday, April 11, 2016


Me: Manya what will you have for breakfast today.
M: something organic
Me: great choice, exactly what organic. 🙄
M: maybe, organic egg.
Me: awesome, and what should I make from the organic egg 🙄🙄
M: organic omelette
Me: okay, what fruit do you want after that?
M: organic fruit
Me: 🙄🙄🙄 and what organic fruit would that be
M: Banana
Me: great
M: how do you know this is organic
Me: because it says on the label
M: who put the label?
Me: the authorities that claim it is organic
M: hmm, what is organic anyway?
Me: if you don't know what organic is, why did you ask for it
M: because I like organic
Me: ha - you are exactly like most organic consuming adults I know 😛😛😛
(P.s we are still talking about what is organic and what is not - this is opening up a whole can of worms and more!)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Swim lessons, finally!

We finally started Manya on her swim lessons. She has been asking for forever now and well we are there now.

Today was her first lesson and no surprises that she thoroughly enjoyed her class. She loves water so we really had no problems about introducing her to the class as such. We are on only for once a week classes and might up that in the near future. All the excitement and physical activity had worn our little tiger down quite a bit - she was hungry and sleepy almost immediately after (both very rare occurrences :))

Another first this year!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Martial Arts

While all activities that Manya is engaged in currently - art, swimming, dropoff school skills class - have been mostly driven by M herself, this is one thing that I consciously steered her towards - Martial Arts. I spoke to her about it and told her what she could expect and if she would be interested - she gladly said yes - anything to get out of the house for, I guess. She has watched KungFu panda and hopes to learn kung-fu soon. But oh well...

I firmly believe that children when involved in any kind of martial arts from an early age develop a positive body image - they learn to control and respect their body and become conscious of their own physical and mental strengths, a sense of discipline, respect for self and others and basic right and wrong. Actual self defense comes later. These are skills or values that a sport or a dance class would also inculcate - I was not very keen on pursuing these though because I feel she is too young to choose a specific sport and as for dance umm it requires some kind of innate skill- whereas martial arts is all acquired - i think that reinforces a greater sense of confidence in one's own ability and effort.

Sometime earlier this year, I finally found a school that completely aligns itself to my perspective. We had our first class today and I was absolutely thrilled - One, Manya loved the class and wants to continue. (I even asked her f she'd want to do a dancing class instead to which she very matter-of-factly replied - "I already know how to dance :P :D.").
Two, the class was structured exactly how I would have wanted - there's a lot of focus on physical posture, respectful behavior, and real life scenarios that require physical, mental and emotional processing. 

I really hope M decides to pursue this long term - it does help that we got a brand new uniform and the white belt!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First drop-off class!

The control and plan freak that I am, this is how we have charted out Manya's initiation to one of the most widely believed in institutions - formal learning or school - So her highness starts formal preschool - 5 days a week, 2hrs 40 mins a day starting September. So that she is comfortable with the school environment, she'll be going for a summer camp in July-August, two days a week, 2.5 hrs a day. And to get used to staying without mommy, we have started her on something called a School Skills class (once a week - for two hours), which is just play, music and some project work at Gymboree, where she already goes for a mommy and me art class.  

Many people think I am crazy to micromanage the transition from being full time at home with mommy to being at a preschool, and I agree but then that's how I am :D. :p.

Anyways, so March 9th was Madame's first drop off class. If you have read my earlier posts, you'll know M has been showing signs of school readiness for a while now - we are potty trained, communicate well, and most importantly are damn bored sitting at home. She was well briefed by me as to what was going to happen and she was quite non-chalant about all of it. She just asked me the previous day that what if she really starts missing me and needs me, - I told her well if there's a problem your teacher will be able to resolve, else she has my number and if you "realllyyyy" need me, she can always give me a call. She also asked me if the teacher would give hugs and I told her if she wanted, she could initiate it herself. And that was about it.

I dropped her off and she said bye and turned around and did not look back even once - my mind tells me that I should be happy about it, but oh heart! To calm my nerved down, I sat in a coffee shop right across the street and once it was fairly clear I was not going to be called anytime soon, I ventured to a nearby mall.

I got a nice hug and a delightful squeal when I was there to pick her up - She showed me some projects and on the way home when I asked her what happened at school, she goes, "I told Teacher Jerda, I want to do susu, I forgot to say pee, but she understood. She had to help me get on to the pot but I pulled up my panties and pants on my own!" Oh and how I went awwww.
The other big happening was snack time apparently. After a couple of hours, she told e there was a boy who knocked down her tower and did not apologise but she didnt fight with him. We ofcourse have no corroboration for the story. And I believe another boy told her "he didn't want to be talked to" LOL.

So we are good and our little girl is all set to fly :).  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Her first big fat Indian wedding...

We were in India in Jan-Feb to attend the wedding of my brother. Manya was upbeat about it ever since the conversations around the event had started. Her classic "mama ki shaadi hai" had been doing the rounds since months.

Like a true blue Indian she participated in the various celebrations with full gusto - shopped for all the finery, danced at the music evening, was a sport in the long drive for the baraat, and back.

Here is what she has picked up from her first big fat Indian weddings:
  • If you are getting married, you start staying together and don't go back to your own home for sleeping in the night.
  • A lot of pujas and functions happen, but you are truly married only when you "dance around the fire."
  • A chunni or a dupatta is a must have for any event. Or atleast lace, lot of bling, and frills and all that.
  • And bangles nobody goes to a shaadi without bangles.
  • Only married people have children (and I did not tell her that -she speaks from her personal observation)
  • Loud music and crazy dancing are important rituals at the wedding.
  • Daddy married mommy, nana married nani and so on and so forth and she missed all the weddings and that is so unfair.
  • Wedding means lot of strangers "poking my face" and asking me come to their laps even when I don't want to.
  • Whenever life seems boring, ask any random person to get married so that "everybody can have fun!!"
What have your learnings from an Indian wedding been?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Heart vs. Brain

This gem of a conversation is from a jetlagged night in India...

M: My heart is feeling so upset because a mosquito bit me.
Me: Awww beta don't feel so upset, it will be okay very soon.
M: My heart is feeling hungry.
Me (amused): Hungry for what?
M (in a matter of fact tone): For food!
Me: I thought only tummy feels hungry for food.
M: No, sometimes my heart feels hungry too. I eat for my heart.
Me (philosophically): Actually, sometimes I eat for my heart too.
M (in a teasing tone): Your heart is greedy!
Me: Very funny. Manya did you know actually the heart , the tummy feel nothing - it's the brain that really feels...
M (in mild annoyance): No, that's not true. My brain is placed too high to feel anything.
Me (trying to control my laughter): You maybe right, you know.
M (very annoyed): What are you laughing at? Can I get some raisins for my heart.
Me: Ofcourse!
(To myself: and you don't need nuts because they are placed high up there in the brain.)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was indeed very merry - A daddy with minimal work load at office and an overenthusiastic mommy made sure the year ended with a lot of fun.

The house was lit up, the Christmas tree was set in the living space for the first time ever, a mail was posted to Santa with a tiny wishlist, mommy soaked fruits and nuts in rum and wine for the cake, we even took a train ride to visit Santa, we woke up on the d day to wrapped presents and stuffed stockings, more festivities awaited at the party hosted by friends. All in all, one of the most joyous year ends and beginnings ever!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Manya befriends Siri

The little one has discovered a new way to entertain herself. She activates the voice enabled help on our iphone/ipad, and then has a conversation with Siri...

"Siri, call daddy right now!"

"Siri, where's my doctor app?"

"Siri, what should I do with mommy?"

"Siri, I love you, do you love me?"


Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding Nemo!

Continuous rains have put all of us under house arrest and inspite of all genuine efforts to not become a couch potato, I sadly have to concede that screen time privileges for Manya have exponentially increased.

Having never seen a full length movie before, we were not sure how M's attention would pan out but wow, did she amaze us. She followed the storyline attentively and was very emotionally engaged till the end. It has become a sort of obsession for her  fishes, the story, it doesn't help that her aunt has already gifted her a FInsing Nemo playset that is her favorite toy these days.

We also introduced her to Kungfu Panda and inspite of an unsure start, she has grown to like it as well. I really hope Summers are here soon and we can resist these temptations. Am hoping, she waits a bit longer for the big screen cinema debut :P.